Tobias Galfar

A heavily-augmented Rogue Trader-turned-heretic, smuggler of proscribed goods


The Galfar family is not a terribly famous Rogue Trading enterprise, but their charter does at least extend back far enough to earn some respect and legitimacy in the sector . Tobias, the latest heritor of the charter, has been plying his routes for near a century now, and is of late dedicated to running small cargoes of luxury goods for discerning clients. Tobias ran less savory cargoes for powerful figures on Scintilla and Malfi, churning out a small fortune and living comfortably aboard his vessel, The Athenian. Everything seemed to go well for Galfar, and his growing morbid tastes and increasing slip into recidivism went unnoticed.

That is, until Inqusitor Vownus Kaede got wind of his work. Galfar was making truly dangerous friends, earning the emnity of the prominent Inquisitor. Tobias was but one small piece of a larger, truly diabolical plot that Kaede sought fit to unravel. Having chased shadows for well over a century on a personal vendetta, Kaede saw in Galfar the first concrete lead he’d had for some time. Seizing the trader and finding out what he knew would open many doors to future investigation, not to mention put a stop to the traffic of certain proscribed goods.

Thats why Kaede saw fit to crash the party himself, when Galfar was meeting with a cleint on Scintilla. What happened next is unknown, but when Keade and his retinue failed to report in at the determined time, his Interrogator expected the worst, and sent a desperate call to his acolytes on Malfi: That Kaede may well be dead, and that Tobias was making a desperate flight away from Scintilla.

Tobias Galfar

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