Sister Superior Garand

A member of the Adepta Sororitas, on assignment with the Malfian Office of the Inquisition.


Sister Garand is one of the Sister Lenith’s immediate superiors. Garand is stern, but patient. She presents herself with utmost propriety and professionalism. She wears her hair in the traditional short cut of the Adepta, and due to rejuvenat treatments appears to be in her late twenties, though her actual age is difficult to determine. Being a member of the Orders of Battle, Garand constantly hones her combat skills, and relishes purges undertaken by local inquisitors. Malfi is, a hotbed of sin and corruption, and she beleievs that it is her calling to be there when an Inquisitor may call upon her to put one of these filthy “nobles” to the cleansing flame.

Sister Superior Garand, it is said, is one of the first in line for promotion, should the current Palatine leading the small local mission step down from duty. Garand, especially fanatical, is looked upon with caution by her fellow sisters. Everyone can see her impatience and her zeal.

The Sister Superior was able to put the party of acolytes in contact with Captain Garand of the Malfian PDF, calling upon her connections in their hour of need. It is no coincidence that the two share a last name, and there is no small amount of bitterness brewing between the two. What sparked their emnity remains a mystery.

Sister Superior Garand

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