Marcus Deckard

A man of average height, long black coat flapping around him, with oddly empty eyes


Marcus Deckard, Arbitrator (Regulator rank)
Homeworld: Mind Cleansed
Divination: A Mind Without Purpose will Wander in Dark Places (+1 Fate point)

WS 32
BS 45
S 27
T 38
AG 33
INT 32
PER 35
WP 35
FEL 22

Trained Skills:
Awareness, Common Lore (Adeptus Arbites, Imperium), Deceive, Inquiry (+10), Intimidate, Literacy, Scrutiny, Speak Language (Low Gothic), Survival, Tracking

Current Wounds 12/12
Current Fate Points 4/4

Insanity 7
Corruption 1

Movement: Half 3, Full 6, Charge 9, Run 18

Armor: Light Flak Coat (2 on Body, Arms, Legs)

Pump Shotgun (SP Basic) 1d10+4 I, Pen 0, Range 30M, RoF S, Clip 8, Rld 2 Full, Scatter
Club (Primitive) 1d10 I, Pen 0, Primitive
Brass Knuckles (Primitive) 1d5-1 I, Pen 0, Primitive

Talents and Traits:
Rapid Reload (Reload in half time)
Jaded (Never gain insanity for normal violence, gore)
Failsafe Control
Imperial Conditioning (+10WP vs fear, control)
Thru a Mirror Darkly
Sound Constitution II
Leap Up
Peer (Adeptus Arbites)

Uniform, stimm x3, injector, Arbitrator ID, chrono, lhosticks, shotgun ammo x24, Ignitus ammo x6, glowglobe, inquisition papers, microbead, 23 gelt

Advancements: Total XP 150, Spent 1000.
Rank I: Scrutiny, Awareness, Ballistic Advance I, Inquiry +10, Sound Constitution II
Rank II: Tracking, Peer (Adeptus Arbites), Toughness Advance I, Leap Up


Deckard was a cop on a frontier world, one with an unfortunate reputation as a stopping point for smugglers and drug runners. He got a lot of experience there with combat, tracking, and investigation. He distinguished himself in combat and got the attention of the Arbitrators… somehow. He can’t remember how. There’s a long gap in his memory around that time, at least a month, as well as bits and pieces of the weeks before and after it. He’s been told there’s reasons for that, and he believes it.

Now, Deckard is a part of the Ordo Hereticus. He’s not sure as to why he’s actually there, but he’s determined to do his job. He has no desire to find out what happened to those memories, but he’s there to protect others from having the same experience. And to stop anyone intending to harm the people of the Empire.

Marcus Deckard

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