Captain Eliza Garand

Captain of the Fidelis, a cutter of The Sovereign Guard of Malfi.


Captain Garand is not one to be trifled with. Short, weathered, and aged somewhere in her fifties, Garand still maages to cut an imposing figure. She has the air of someone who has seen action, and unlike many officers in the Malfian PDF, does not have any air of mock-nobility. While this makes Garand more relateable, it also means that she can often be abrupt and blunt, with little patience for frivolity. She has not climbed higher in the ranks precisely because her demeanor does not sit well with the genteel figures on the Admiralty Board.

Captain Garand was grudgingly given command of the Fidelis two decades ago, and the crewmen are primarily composed of runoff from other commands, shunted to Garand as an attempt to place malcontents under the disfavored officer. Rather than floundering with an unruly ship, Garand took the men and forged them into a working force, winning their respect and loyalty by sheer gumption.

Unlike most PDF officers, Garand actually saw service on the front with the Imperial Guard, having previously deployed with the Malfian 5th Dragoons some decades before. The Commissar’s cap that hangs in her quarters is the only reminder of her previous career. Why Garand left a promising career in the Commissariat is a mystery, and not one she is forthcoming on. She occasionally speaks of her sister, but only with bitterness.

Captain Eliza Garand

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